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Muy Preocupada~

o__o tomorrow i go in to get my driver's license.

I'm scared.


Then I get to put it to use on Saturday. @__@ I gotta drive myself to Mandy's house that day~...alone...o__o

I'm gunna be dressed as the Grim Reaper too.

You better believe I'll be blasting Dir en grey or something LOL >D

I have no idea where I'll park though. o__o there's like no room on her street. XD

Shit~ I gotta make her present *__*

Maybe I should draw her something?

I'm gunna make her some CDs~

Lately I was hooked on Hana Kimi~ But I finished the Taiwan version. D: I'm waiting for the next Japanese episode X3 heheh
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Good Luck! XD