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でんせつがせくしです。 [entries|friends|calendar]

About Me

Hola, amigos y amigas. ;D I am the all powerfultasty saladbowl. AND THE ALL AMAZING FLUFFYMUFFINS~ made this awesomely awesome layout for me because she's...awesomely...awesome? xD Anyways, once you get to know me, you'll realize...I'm asian obsessed although I'm far from being asian... ALSO! I'm...I dunno...mean? D: yeah sometimes. I hate easily XD But I also do my best to stick up for people...I guess... whatever...ANYWAYS BYE 8D


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My Life in short

I love Winter. Senior year this year. Let's get on the emotional train~

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BOREDBOREDBORED ^OO^ [08|10|07 12:54am]
I wish I had a video camera~ I'd be made of crack and win and *___*

But I don't have one. T_____T


I got my picture license in the mail today. o__o

Could have looked worse...considering I was living on 3 hours of sleep. xD
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PARTAAAHHH [07|31|07 2:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I got my license O__O

Lookout! I'm on the road. n__n


My dad left today to go to Las Vegas =(

Won't see him until Sunday...

I woke up at 12 today *__*

Never live off 3 hours of sleep.

You'll feel like shit.

Trust me.

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Muy Preocupada~ [07|29|07 6:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

o__o tomorrow i go in to get my driver's license.

I'm scared.


Then I get to put it to use on Saturday. @__@ I gotta drive myself to Mandy's house that day~...alone...o__o

I'm gunna be dressed as the Grim Reaper too.

You better believe I'll be blasting Dir en grey or something LOL >D

I have no idea where I'll park though. o__o there's like no room on her street. XD

Shit~ I gotta make her present *__*

Maybe I should draw her something?

I'm gunna make her some CDs~

Lately I was hooked on Hana Kimi~ But I finished the Taiwan version. D: I'm waiting for the next Japanese episode X3 heheh

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yo ho ho [07|18|07 8:16pm]
and stuff

I want to get Gazette's new album and live DVD...



I just watched their new mv.

=0 It was odd...

I don't get it...

But Ruki is all...gangsta or something. XDDD

It amused me~

So yesterday I went bowling with friends~ Megan, Lauren, and Lisa. We had a fun time. We would yell "THUNDER CATS HOOOO" when bowling. XDD Afterwards we went to Cicis...8D All cool.
But I think all the mental stress caught up with me... =/ At least I'm feeling better now~ ^o^ My driving thing was sorted out. That means I should be getting a license soon =DDD and then i can apply for jobs...yeeii... >.>;;
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mhmm [07|18|07 1:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

Crying is good.

Crying is great.

Crying makes me feel better.

Crying refreshes...

I still feel a bit down but...

Emi helped cheer me up a bit <3

Maybe sleep will help with the rest....

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